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Desktop Delivery Service

Privacy Statement

Newcastle University is collecting your personal data as you have explicitly requested an article via our Desktop Delivery Service. We will only contact you to provide you with information about your request and for feedback on the service you receive. Your personal details will be kept in the system for three years in order to provide you with a history of articles you have requested via the service after which they will be deleted. Anonymised details of the articles requested will retained for statistical purposes.

You have provided your consent for the University to process your personal data for the purposes detailed above. You have the right to request that the University deletes this personal data at any time, noting if you do so, the University will be unable to provide you with a recent history of the articles you have requested. You can request to be removed from the Desktop Delivery Service by sending your request to

We won’t share your personal data with anyone outside the University, unless required to by law, and it will be stored securely within the EEA.

If you would like to discuss the University’s use of your personal data further, please contact

If you would like more information about how we manage personal data more generally, including your rights under law, and the contact details of the University’s Data Protection Officer, please see our website: